Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

Bakerail Services is a diversified company, offering our clients specialist and dedicated support in the field of Railway Infrastructure Systems Engineering.

Bakerail Services Limited are committed to ensuring the protection of the environment and realise its business activities may impact upon the built and natural environment. The company will at all times act in a responsible manner to eliminate or reduce the impacts of its business operations upon the environment.

Bakerail Services Ltd will work closely with its clients and customers in ensuring that environmental legislation, local requirements and best practice are adopted to reduce its impact to protect the environment, particularly in regards to; emissions, discharges and waste disposal.

Bakerail will, as part of its environmental management process, seek ways to continually improve its impacts above current minimum standards, deal with any future changes or proposed changes to meet either local or global objectives.

Bakerail Services key focus areas are:

  • Continually seek ways to reduce, reuse and recycle equipment and materials and other physical assets under our control
  • Adopt the practices of our clients when working upon their sites, and actively seek way to reduce or prevent business impacts relating to noise, light, water and air pollution.
  • Minimise disturbance to flora, fauna and wildlife habitats
  • Establish targets and ongoing objectives for the business operations by regularly monitoring and reviewing environmental issues by:
    • Reducing carbon footprint through transportation
    • Reduction in use of paper communication
    • Effective use of utilities i.e. water, electricity

The Managing Director of Bakerail Services Ltd will take an active and responsible role in ensuring the purpose of this policy statement is met and complied with by all employees and contractors of Bakerail. They will also ensure the company enacts relevant legislative changes where identified.

This Policy will be distributed to all staff and reviewed on an annual basis.