WRI EU ’19 – The Wheel-Rail Interaction event of 2019 is coming to Vienna!

WRI EU ’19 in Vienna, Austria, 30-31 October, 2019

The Wheel-Rail Interaction EU 2019 Conference will examine design and maintenance; research and development; and the ways in which technology is being employed to improve wheel/rail interaction on European railways and metro systems.

Like its annual North American counterpart, WRI EU ’19 will focus on the practical application of technology and scientific principles to address issues relating to wheel/rail interaction. The conference includes a comprehensive review of the fundamental aspects of wheel/rail interaction, along with presentations on the practical application of techniques and technologies to address issues such as noise, wear, rolling contact fatigue and vehicle dynamics.

Information is presented through a combination of presentations on the “Principles of Wheel/Rail Interaction,” Case Studies from railways and metro systems and dedicated question and answer sessions after each presentation.

Join a select group of researchers, suppliers and railway practitioners in sharing the latest information on wheel/rail, vehicle/track interaction at WRI EU ’19 in Vienna, Austria, 30-31 October, 2019, the Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront.

For more information on WRI EU 2019, please go to www.wheel-rail-seminars.com or contact Brandon Koenig, Director of Operations: Brandon@wheel-rail-seminars.com 847-808-1818

WRI EU 2019 is presented by Wheel Rail Seminars (WRS), provider of annual wheel-rail interaction conferences for 25 years in North American and recently in Europe and the UK.

Note: The North American conference WRI ’19 will be held in New Orleans, LA. June 18-21, 2019.

Comech Metrology heading up Greenwood Miniprof Agency for the UK & Ireland

Dear Miniprof User / Customer,

Following many months of negotiation, Bakerail Services can now confirm that Comech Metrology, East Midlands, will be heading up the Greenwood Engineering Miniprof Agency for the UK & Ireland from January 2019.

sales@comech.co.uk or telephone 01332 867700.

This now means that all Miniprof instruments will be calibrated and maintained at CoMechs’ specialist calibration Laboratories in Derby and not returned to the manufacturer in Denmark as it does now. This can only be good news for our Users & Customers, giving them reduced downtime, while their unit is being calibrated and serviced.

Comech will also take over the sales of this equipment too, making it a ‘one stop shop’ for all your Miniprof needs and support. We have been working with Greenwood Engineering for over 18 years now, building up a sustainable Agency in the UK for this world-renowned Miniprof profile measuring instrumentation. We have supported the Users of these instruments as the Miniprof has developed over the years, to what is now recognised as the most accurate contact measuring instrument to support both wheel and rail profiling.

It has always been our vision to eventually calibrate and service these instruments in the UK, therefore the opportunity that CoMech has given the project and manufacturer to do this is excellent news for everyone.

Greenwoods, Comech and ourselves have been working very hard together over the months to make sure this transition goes across as smoothly as possible at the end of December. Bakerail’s in depth knowledge of these instruments has developed over many years working in the specialist wheel / rail interface engineering areas of the rail industry and we will be working very closely with CoMechs’ mechanical engineers over the coming months to support them in their new venture.

It goes without saying, that Bakerail Services are continuing to run as a Wheel/Rail Specialist Consultancy, so semi-retirement now!

However, Paul and myself can only thank you all for your on-going support with this Miniprof project over the years and to say that we have very much enjoyed working with you all. Our paths may well cross on other projects and we are here to help and support where we can.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

(Post adapted from email)

Miniprof Instrument User Workshop – 1st November 2018

Miniprof Instrument User Workshop – 1st November 2018 – ‘BEST PRACTICE’

Following the success of the last UK Miniprof User Group Meeting. Bakerail Services, the UK Miniprof Agent and Greenwood Engineering, the manufacture of the Miniprof Profiling Instruments would like to invite you to a Miniprof Instrument Hardware and Software Training Workshop.  This Workshop is aimed at providing ‘Best Practice’ throughout the Rail industry for profile measuring.

Venue: Jurys Inn
Midsummer Boulevard
Milton Keynes
M9 2HP
09.30am – 16.00pm
Attendance Certificates will be issued

Learn how to use your MP instrument effectively with New Envision software training for all Rail, Wheel, Switch & Crossing and Brake instruments.

Want answers to those burning questions?

How do I? Why does it? Why can’t I? Need a refresher?

Join the experts for Free – Greenwood Engineering’s Software Engineer, European Sales Manager and Bakerail’s UK agent all on hand to present this hands on workshop for MiniProf users.

Please feel free to forward these workshop details to any of your MiniProf operators.

For further information please contact us at finance@bakerailservices.co.uk

Bakerail Services at Railtex 2017

Bakerail at Railtex2017

We hope you had a chance to come and speak to us at Railtex 2017. If you missed out don’t hesitate to call the office or send us an email, we’ll be happy to help.

Bailerail Office: 01480 471349

Email: info@bakerailservices.co.uk




PWI President’s Award for Paul Baker

Permanent Way Institution has recognised our very own Paul Baker with the President’s Award for his paper published in the Institution’s Journal, 2016.

The award was announced on Thursday 2nd March 2017 at the North West Technical Seminar, Manchester Conference Centre.

Congratulations, Paul from all of us at Bakerail Services!

Community Support – Rother Valley Railway

Bakerail were involved with the Rother Valley Railway re-connection works to the national network. The video below covers the final run down of the works.

You can read the full write-up, including more videos of the work on the RVR blog: