WRI EU ’19 – The Wheel-Rail Interaction event of 2019 is coming to Vienna!

WRI EU ’19 in Vienna, Austria, 30-31 October, 2019

The Wheel-Rail Interaction EU 2019 Conference will examine design and maintenance; research and development; and the ways in which technology is being employed to improve wheel/rail interaction on European railways and metro systems.

Like its annual North American counterpart, WRI EU ’19 will focus on the practical application of technology and scientific principles to address issues relating to wheel/rail interaction. The conference includes a comprehensive review of the fundamental aspects of wheel/rail interaction, along with presentations on the practical application of techniques and technologies to address issues such as noise, wear, rolling contact fatigue and vehicle dynamics.

Information is presented through a combination of presentations on the “Principles of Wheel/Rail Interaction,” Case Studies from railways and metro systems and dedicated question and answer sessions after each presentation.

Join a select group of researchers, suppliers and railway practitioners in sharing the latest information on wheel/rail, vehicle/track interaction at WRI EU ’19 in Vienna, Austria, 30-31 October, 2019, the Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront.

For more information on WRI EU 2019, please go to www.wheel-rail-seminars.com or contact Brandon Koenig, Director of Operations: Brandon@wheel-rail-seminars.com 847-808-1818

WRI EU 2019 is presented by Wheel Rail Seminars (WRS), provider of annual wheel-rail interaction conferences for 25 years in North American and recently in Europe and the UK.

Note: The North American conference WRI ’19 will be held in New Orleans, LA. June 18-21, 2019.